Jahangirnagar University-JU

Jahangirnagar University
Jahangirnagar University is one of the renowned universities of Bangladesh. The reputation of this public university is above others. Self-dependability and mission for education are the goal of Jahangirnagar University. Again, there are some important information which may help any person to know about this university well. A review on Jahangirnagar University is given downward.

History of Establishment of JU: Jahangirnagar University was situated before the liberation war of Bangladesh. The university was given a purpose of teaching students of graduate and post graduate level.

With the approval from the Pakistani government when Bangladesh was a part of them, official programs of Jahangirnagar University started to run. On 20th August of 1970, students were getting admitted in this university. As it was a government originated university, low cost attracted students. Till now the university is known as a field of variety studies of Bangladesh.

Administration Structure of Jahangirnagar University: Jahangirnagar University is run under the order of the president. He is the chancellor. The vice chancellor runs the university. Again a Pro vice chancellor is appointed in order to fill up any kind of absence of VC. A well-organized department of administration has maintained the priority for serving better in Jahangirnagar University. From staffs to professors of this university are much friendlier. The total official is like a family. Even there are some obstacles for teaching,teachers don’t step behind against those oppositions.

Jahangirnagar University

Admission and Courses of Jahangirnagar University: Getting admitted to a bachelor program in Jahangirnagar University is a hard nut to crack. An admission test is held every year regarding students to select. As seats are limited, but participators in admission test are many, most of the examinee failed to get in here. Science, Humanities, Arts and social science faculties are available in here. Honors and Masters student are studying here. After being qualified for future life, convocation takes place. There are also courses on language in Jahangirnagar University.

Campus Environment of Jahangirnagar University: Total area of 697.56 acres covers the whole campus. This campus is very beautiful. A unique side of here is that own rickshaw service is available at this campus. Ponds, trees and fields have made Jahangirnagar University campus attractive to both visitors and students. Most interesting part of it is that the campus is a politics free campus. Courage is needed for doing such kind of step. Though Jahangirnagar University is situated 15 km from Dhaka, the bus service connected with capital is praiseworthy.

Activities of Students of Jahangirnagar University: More than 15 thousand students study in here. Students of Jahangirnagar University are not only expert in education, but also busy for extracurricular activities. Cultural communities often place their programs. No occasion gets missed for them to decorate the varsity. Even with a tiny chance of celebrating, students do their best to organize a cultural or discussion program.

Jahangirnagar University

Legends of Jahangirnagar University: Jahangirnagar University has always contributed to the nation for building it. After liberation war, leaders came from the university to show pathway. There is much scope for studying and developing a good personality from this university.

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