Dhaka University BBA Admission Test Books & Tips(DU C Unit)

Competition in Dhaka university BBA admission test is so hard. To achieve the success i.e. get admitted on DU BBA program with your favorite subject, you must study hard and take full preparation. Students try to be admitted on university admission coaching centers which usually provides necessary outlines and tips for university admission test(Basically for DU admission test).

It is considered that Dhaka university admission test is the harder university admission test among other universities admission test. So, if you have enough preparation for Dhaka university admission test, you have enough preparation for other universities too.

However, who have the financial ability to be admitted on a university admission coaching center, they usually admit on. But who have not or not willing, they must take the preparation of university admission test from home. In this post, you will get necessary books list for Dhaka university BBA admission test or Dhaka university C unit admission test. In that admission exam, questions come from Bangla, English, Accounting and Management. So, you need to focus on necessary field.

Guide: Any ideal university admission test guide can be followed such as UCC university admission test guide, Focus Admission test guide etc.

Bangla: For Bangla, You can complete "Provat Bangla". It is a good book to take preparation on Bangla.

English: English questions of C unit are harder than English questions of any other unit. And, if you can't pass on English, you will not be able to get any chance. On the other hand, to get a HOT subject, you must acquire specific number on English. So, preparation for English should be strong.

For Grammar: S@ifurs English Grammar Book, A Passage To The English language(To understand grammatical concept deeply)
For Vocabulary: Lexis, Argot, S@ifurs Vocabulary
For Analogy: S@ifurs Analogy Book
For Comprehension: S@ifurs Reading Comprehension

Accounting: To take preparation for accounting, you can follow the book named "RABS". It is standard book of preparing for accounting questions on the university admission test.

Management: For preparation in Management, you can follow the book named "Miracle". All parts of this book should be captured.

The competition in the university admission test is so hard. So, it can't ensure that after completion of above books, give you the certainty of getting chance to be admitted on Dhaka university BBA program or C unit or any other universities. But, it can be assume that you have the fuel (at least moderate level of preparation) to face the exam. Best of Luck!