Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology-BUET

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology-BUET
BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) is the most important university in Bangladesh. A student of this university is known as an asset for the nation. Making engineering available for students was never been this easy. With top class result and best score in exam can only ensure about studying in here.

There are many information about BUET which should be known for any person in order to usage related to BUET or educational concept in Bangladesh.

For this purpose, a review on Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is briefed following.

History: The history of BUET is very long. It was firstly started from a school of surveyors in 1876. Then it was named as Ahsanullah School of Engineering. The Nawab of Dhaka named the institution after his father Khwaja Ahsanullah. For the time being, the institute was moved to present premises from Old Dhaka. Once Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan. So the institution was called “East Pakistan University of Science and Technology.” After the liberation war in 1971, the institute was named after newly originated Bangladesh. Till now, it is being called Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It is one of the ancient educational institutes of this country.

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology-BUET

Location of Campus and Environment: The campus is situated in the center of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It is one of the most attractive campuses around the country. Dhaka University is situated by the side of the campus of BUET. So teachers and students are strictly connected with the study. A friendly environment is maintained in BUET campus. Not only present students but also students from previous sessions come to enjoy the environment of the campus. The most brilliant students of Bangladesh study in here. They are the life of the campus. BUET cafeteria is very popular among the students.

Administration of BUET: The administration of BUET is directed by the Chancellor as President of Bangladesh. In convocations and ceremony, chancellor presides over the functions. Vice chancellor is the controller in local activities.

Admission: Admission in BUET is the toughest competition in the country. Students apply for undergraduate and postgraduate program on engineering. Few of them get chance to attend in the examination. Students who fulfill the desired scores in admission test, get chance to study in here. Almost 1000 students are taken every year, including Masters and Ph.D programs.

Educational Structure:
There are 5500 students in BUET who are aiming to become engineers and architecture. There are above 500 teachers who are teaching with great dignity every single day.
Objectives of BUET: Building up the nation with brilliance and excellence is the basic objective of BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ). The teachers and students are very passionate for being an engineer.

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology-BUET

Activities of Students: Students are winning the world with their multiple talents. There is no program but the ambassador from BUET is must. In every international competition, the students acquire prizes and honor for the country.

Legends of BUET: Many legends have come out from this varsity. Md. Kaikobad who is a renowned mathematician was a student here. Anisul Haque has proved that talent can be expressed not only by engineering but also by literature. There are many examples of legends upfront.

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