Bangladesh University of Textiles

Bangladesh University of Textile
“Knowledge is power.” Following this motto in 2010, here started the only public university for textile engineering. And that is Bangladesh University of Textiles, Broadly known as BUTex.

To be known, it was one of the oldest institutions in our country. In 1921 it was the East Bengal Textile Institute. Then it was under the British rule. In 1950, the rule went to the hand of Pakistan as we were also the Eastern colony of Pakistan. During then, it had the name which was East Pakistan Textile Institute. After liberation it became College of Textile Engineering and Technology under the Faculty of Engineering, University of Dhaka. Many changes came so far and the last what we know about this university is, it became Bangladesh University of Textiles under its own authority.

Location: BUTex is in the Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka. Its campus is distributed among 11.67 acres of space in that area. So, the campus is suitable for the students there.

Students: Every year the University takes 400 Undergraduate students, 75 Post-Graduate students and 50 MBA students. Now, the varsity provides its opportunities to total 1350 (1200 Undergraduate/150 Post-Graduate) students. Among them 15% is female. So it’s a promising university to many textile lover students.

Faculties: From the beginning of our traditional history, we had a pride of producing the best quality of textile materials and silk. Developing of that knowledge was an urgency which was the fundamental purpose of having this university. So the knowledge about this matter is divided into some special faculties. These are–

•    Faculty of Textile Manufacturing Engineering
o    Department of Yarn Manufacturing Engineering (YME)
o    Department of Fabric Manufacturing Engineering (FME)
•    Faculty of Textile Chemical Processing Engineering and Applied Science
o    Department of Wet Processing Engineering
o    Department of Applied Science
o    Department of Allied Engineering
•    Faculty of Textile Clothing, Fashion Design and Business Studies
o    Department of Apparel Manufacturing Engineering
o    Department of Textile Management
o    Department of Textile Fashion and Design

Opportunities and Services: Bangladesh University of Textiles is an encouraging university. For encouraging their students they have given so many opportunities. For the person who secures the 1st position with the GPA above 3.75, the university gives him/her the University Gold Medal. It is the highest honor given by the authority.

Also the Library of this university is very rich so far. They have more than 1,50,000 books and journals for both the teachers and students.

The university provides all what a student need to research on any matter that is needed for a textile company. Moreover, there is also a consultant group for broad research and vice versa.
University always looks after its own students’ welfare. They provide career build up consultation and seminars, scholarship and many more facilities.

Bangladesh University of Textile
Bangladesh University of Textile

Workshops and Laboratories: BUTex have particular workshops and laboratories for each and every department. Classifying the work techniques, it was necessary. And the interesting fact is, they are all furnished with expensive, modern high quality equipments. So the workshops and laboratories are known as–
•    The Yarn Manufacturing Laboratory
•    The Fabric Manufacturing Laboratory
•    The Knitting Laboratory
•    The Wet Processing Laboratory
•    The Apparel Manufacturing Laboratory
•    The Testing Laboratory
•    The Computer Laboratory
•    The Electronic Laboratory
•    The Physics Laboratory
•    The Chemistry Laboratory
•    The Mechanical Engineering Workshop

This is our Bangladesh University of Textiles, Dhaka; a great place to build your career.