5 Tips To Build Vocabulary For Learning English

We often face the problem for learning English is enriching our English vocabulary. It is a common problem for them who are new to learn English language. Basically, learning English vocabulary seems hard and easy to forget! But the main things lies on different concept. It is a fantastic task if you do it with enjoyment and use it properly when you are communicating in English language with others.

To enrich your English vocabulary, I have enlisted 5 tips so that these tips can help you. If you are interested to know these tips for learning English vocabulary...just move on.

1. To learn English vocabulary, you need to increase your reading habit on English. As a newbie or knowing less English words, you will find it so hard. But don't fear! Just take a dictionary and start your reading in English. Whenever you are getting a new English word, which meaning you do not know, just check out on your dictionary and written down on a diary. After writing the unknown word, just try to memorize for a while. By this way, you will get a smart list of English words which are unknown for you. But you have already tried to memorize them. So, sit down after a period(after three days or weekly), and again try to memorize them. You can also play with them to make translation into your own language from English sentence.

2. In the meantime of our daily activities, usually we get some moments which lose in vein. To use such time, you can make flash card and keep those into your pocket or wallet. Whenever you are getting extra free time, try to review on those flash card on which you have written down new English words.

3. With learning English vocabulary, you can practice English grammar and try to write different kinds of paragraph or essay on different topics. Whenever you are writing such kind of elements, you should try to use your newly learned English vocabulary. Because, using your newly learned vocabulary on such concept, will be useful to remember for longer.

4. If you have a close friend or younger brother who is learning English too, You can play with that person. The simple rule is for such kind of play is both you need to ask new English word meaning to each other.

5. When you are sick what you take? Obviously you must need to take help of medicine. To build an smart English vocabulary, you can fix a number of English words to capture daily like daily medicine.

Basically, learning English vocabulary requires time and your own efforts. It is depends on you how fast will you learn English word meaning. Because, for first time learner, It seems so hard to remember the word meaning. But after a period it becomes easier.