Stamford University -Bangladesh

Stamford University
A university that is giving this nation high quality education with affordable tuition fee is Stamford University. This university has become the center of hope for the most of the students. Students who want to study in western culture in Bangladesh, go to get themselves admitted in Stamford University. The environment and activities of this university are spreading not only nationally but also internationally. So, gathering information about Stamford University is necessary. For this reason a review on this university is given below.

Establishment History of Stamford University: The history of Stamford University is ancient. Since 1841, Stamford has been working to bring people under the light of education. For the purpose, first campus of Stamford University was established in Siddheswary Bangladesh. The varsity was established to ensure the Global Standard Education. The mission is to make each global citizen equally qualified. Ever since the steps of building the campus in Bangladesh were taken, it was the center of attraction among the students. The students who want to be qualified globally, choose this university as their first choice.

Administration of Stamford University: Stamford itself controls the study procedure of Bangladesh campus. By default, honorable President of People’s republic Bangladesh plays the role of Chancellor. Vice chancellor is the locally head and instructor of Stamford University. Every teacher is highly qualified and globally trained. The style of teaching in this university is a combination of western and eastern culture. Speaking English is must in classes. 

Location Information of Stamford University: Stamford University has the first open campus as a private university in Bangladesh. All the qualities and advantages are available in here that should be in a world class university. The campus is located in Siddeshwari of Dhaka.

Stamford University

Courses and Waiver: There are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Stamford University. With a view to establish a great private university, courses are of the highest quality. Waiver is very affordable for students.

Admission and Privileges: In every academic year, more than one admission process takes place. To get in here, students must qualify in admission tests. The admission test contains subject related questions for students. A student with science background has to answer questions of science. English is seemed to be a compulsory criteria for getting admitted in Stamford University.

Objectives of Stamford University: Educationalists of the whole world are now raising the slogan to create every country educated. For this commitment, Stamford University is running with an extreme theme of default. “Education for tomorrows world, a greener world” taking this theme as upfront, the university is teaching its students. No stone has remained unturned due to the process.

Stamford University

Participation of Students: Students are the life of Stamford University. They are participating in social and technological seminars which holds nationally and internationally. Some competitions have been also won by the students of this university. The cultural development is praiseworthy. Cultural communities are very active in here. Since the university was started, a reputation was built for them. There are much more areas of expertise that can be acquired by a student of this university.

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