Sir Salimullah Medical College

Sir Salimullah Medical College
Sir Salimullah Medical College is the university for the student who want to be doctor. This medical college has a long story and the teaching is being praised by the thinkers of Bangladesh. Quality teachers are serving education with great dignity. Students of SSMC have taken the promise to serve patient for better humanity. Only selected students from admission test get chance to study in here.

Nowadays it is being considered as a one of the best quality medical colleges among others. A student raises the hope and dream of studying in here. A review on Sir Salimullah Medical College is given here to know more about it.

History of Founding: Sir Salimullah Medical College which is formerly known as Mitford Hospital and college. This is one of the ancient government, universities of Bangladesh. The history of Sir Salimullah Medical College was started in 1858. The building was firstly used for business purpose for British rulers. Then in 1963, the college was named after Sir Solimullah who was a Nawab of Bangladesh commemorating the memories of Nawabs.

Location and Campus: The campus is located in old part of Dhaka city. It is by the side of Mitford road. The locality is called as Babubazar. The campus is very beautiful. It is an environment for recovering patients soon enough. There are trees around Sir Salimullah Medical College. The premises is decorated well. Every part of the campus contains the memory of ancient Bangladesh. It is a historical place for visitors.

Administration: The administration department is much disciplined in here. Certificates are given under the courses of Dhaka University. Sir Salimullah Medical College has a perfectly qualified teachers and staffs. They remain busy for serving students as well as patients.

Getting Admission: An admission test is held throughout Bangladesh. The medical admission test contains quota for studying. After consideration of scores, students get themselves admitted in Sir Salimullah Medical College. A student with maximum number can choose this institute to study.

Privileges: After completing MBBS from Sir Salimullah Medical College, a student get a chance to participate in internship session. This develops the professionalism for them. Patients also become benefited by the intern students of this medical college.

Sir Salimullah Medical College

Activities of Students: Students of Sir Solimullah Medical College always played an important role of building the nation. In liberation war, many of them sacrificed their lives. Freedom fighters who were injured during the war, got care from this medical college. Nowadays the students are gaining full quality as a standard doctor. They are committed to serving people from the core of their heart. Every student is affectionate with his expertise. Cultural activities are also arranged by students. They express the joy with their talent.

Reputation: The reputation and status of Sir Salimullah Medical College is very high. Students dream of being a doctor, want to study in here. A person with proper medical knowledge is an asset for the nation.

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