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Rajshahi University

Rajshahi University
Rajshahi is the education city of Bangladesh. So Rajshahi University is known as the backbone of education in Bangladesh. This public university of Bangladesh is famous for its prosperous education distribution. 

The campus and quality of study have made this university unique from other universities. Students of Rajshahi University are now working in every sphere of national and international sectors. A short review is given following about Rajshahi University.

History of Founding: After the language movement in 1952, Rajshahi University started their programs. In 1953 the university officially opened graduate curriculum for students. The university is spreading knowledge for students of every corner in Bangladesh. The departments are well organized. Students don’t hassle much for getting admitted here. Though the admission process is tough, students try heart and soul for getting in here.

Admission: An annual examination which is known as Admission test takes place in Rajshahi University. Completing higher secondary level with great result is the criteria to start studying here. The admission takes place for Science, Arts and commerce background. Students get themselves busy in preparation for this university. Masters programs are also available in Rajshahi University.

Rajshahi University

Campus of Rajshahi University: Total are of 303.80 hectares covers the campus of Rajshahi university. The campus is green and nature friendly. From the dawn to dusk, the campus becomes the center of enjoyment and education. Sabash Bangladesh which is one of the greatest creation of sculpture is situated here. It shows the love for freedom of this nation. There is a field in frontier of the campus. Sitting there, students draw the dream of their life. The administrative building and university campus are well structured. There are many cultural communities in Rajshahi University. The cultural sector is being enriched day by day.

Rajshahi University

Administration of Rajshahi University: Eight faculties are officially running there study program under 47 departments. Five institutes are included in the Administration of Rajshahi University. Vivid number of students make this campus lively. About 25000 students study in this university. There are 1100 teachers for taking care of them. They are highly qualified and know their duties very well. Even sometimes there are temporary study programs take place in Rajshahi University. The number of officers is 611. They are working here since a long time.

Rajshahi University

Activities of Students: Rajshahi University students are perfectly trained in their way of success. They are involved in every positive sector of Bangladesh. If any competition or seminar introduces, the students participate. They acquire both honor and prize from the competition. Behavior of the students is nice. They like to communicate with any situation of their life.

Rajshahi University

Legends of Rajshahi University: Students of this varsity always contributed in the process of nation building. They are participating in rebel and liberation war. Movement against dynasty was strictly done by students. For punishing freedom opposition, they are now protesting.

Many educationalists and philosophers studied in this universities. They have become legends of Bangladesh.

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