Jagannath University

Jagannath University
Jagannath University is a university which has been serving students with top class features of education. A student carries the dream of studying here. The location, teachers and the environment have made this university far better from any reputed universities. The history of JU is golden and still it is being enriched. The main features about this university are given downward. The review will provide you about the most important information about Jagannath University.

History of Establishment: Jagannath University has a long background of the establishment. The process of an educational institution was started in 1958. It was known as Brahma School. Then happening incidents, it became Jagannath College. When Dhaka University had started their programs, Jagannath College had to stop their honors and master’s program. After approval from the government, in 2005 Jagannath College was transformed into Jagannath University. This university is ancient but the method and style of teaching are as updated as reputed public university.

Mission of Jagannath University: Studying under a regular process and being ready for future life are the process of training students. Still now this university is spreading education throughout the country. It is being considered as the foremost choice for them.

Admission: Getting admission in Jagannath University is not so easy task. Every year a huge number of students participate in the admission test. But the number of seats is limited. The students who get the chance to read in this university feel happy and proud. The admission process goes for admitting students under bachelor and postgraduate programs.

Jagannath University

Location of Campus: The University is located in the old section of Dhaka. It is situated near the famous Dhakeshwari temple. The campus is well gathered. The field in front of the departments is used for playing and gossiping. Every afternoon, it becomes a place of bonding. People of all ages come there and enjoy refreshments. The departments are well constructed. Every faculty contains a different portion of campus.

Administration Structure of Jagannath University: There are 4 faculties which contain 22 departments. About 27000 are getting education through Jagannath University. 271 teachers serving education every day. The teachers are highly qualified and come with a vast experience. Students study here for the reason of getting an education of high quality. Vice chancellor observes the activities of his university often. Convocation is one of the most important gatherings of this university. Students who pass in the exam get guideline from this ceremony.

Legends of Jagannath University: The persons who have done some legendary works in their lifetime, have got placed in the honorary section of Jagannath University. Poet Sufi Motaher Hossain was a student of this university. Abdul Hamid, who was a renowned sport organizer also stepped onto Jagannath University. The educationalist and researcher Anisujjaman was a student of this university. Their work has been preserved in the history of this nation.

Jagannath University

Student Activities: Students of Jagannath University are so much friendly and well mannered. They have earned much reputation in, both country and abroad.

Jagannath University is one of the top and cherished public universities for the students in Bangladesh. Students coming from all over the country have taken higher education at this great institution and now they are playing their part with pride.

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