Green University-Bangladesh

Green University, which knows the best way to serve education among Bangladeshi students. From the beginning of this university, it has become one of the center of attraction for students. Not only for delivering a degree but also quality education is a promise of Green University. The system of this university is to make a bridge between quality and skill. A person with proper skill is fitted for any job or any responsibility. For more information, points with brief is given downward about Green University.

History of Starting of Green University: Green University was founded in 2003 under the private university act of 1992. The university is known as the specialty oriented university. Some educators and philanthropist raised the discussion about starting the programs of a university which would contain all the requirements to be a well reputed university. Standing on the reason, they founded this university with a view to serve equal education and higher standard of quality to students. 

Campus Location and Atmosphere of Green University: The campus of Green University is located in the Begum Rokeya Sorony in Kafrul, Dhaka. This campus is decorated with all the particularities. There are classrooms with air-conditioner, Wi-Fi covered campus, rich library and so on. Every faculty has its own specialized laboratory. The campus is huge as a view of private university.

Administrative Background of Green University: Honorable president of Bangladesh is the chancellor of Green University. Vice chancellor controls the procedures and processes of this university.

Courses and Admission of Green University: Getting admission in Green University needs some requirements. A student with good result has the chance to get in here. There are undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in here. Internship is guaranteed for some particular students who make good result in university.

Privileges for Students of Green University: Scholarships for students are the main advantage of Green University. A student who can score much in inter college examination, avails the offer. Again transferring credit in abroad is a great way for going abroad. Students with much more communication skill, can get job from campus.

Activities of Students of Green University: The activities of the students of Green University are much in expanded areas. They participate in cultural and social programs. Recently some competitions have been held in abroad. Students of this university went there and won prizes. They are representing Bangladesh in the field of the world. Every community and students get same care from the teachers. The teachers serve vast area of education from the campus. They are much friendlier and the qualities are highly standard. A student who contains extracurricular talents, get much advantages from this particular university.

Objectives of Green University: Spreading knowledge depending on the acquisition is the principal objective of Green University. Ensuring every student with the capability is the style of teaching in here. A teacher discovers the expertise of a student and improve that expertise in a single track. This procedure makes sure about the proper standard of higher education. Building up a nation become easier through this.

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