Eden Girl’s College or Eden Mahila College

Eden Girl’s College or Eden Mahila College is one of the most famous colleges of Bangladesh. Its history and rebellion background have claimed this college as an important part of education. The review on Eden Girl’s College is given as a brief downward.

History of the College: Eden Girl’s College, which was formerly known as Brahmo Girls School, established in 1873.

The school was firstly established by Shuva Sadhini Sabha. Classes were taken privately in a house of Farashganj. The administrative committee moved the college towards Dhaka and named this college after the Governor Ashley Eden. The person who has taken the country to a new sphere in educational background. In the first years, total sum of 130 students was studying in Eden Girls School, which was improved to a college afterwards. College portion was introduced in 1926 by the Portuguese. After 1958, the college started full administration as a girl’s college.

Eden Girl’s College or Eden Mahila College

Education Type: Eden Girl’s College is under the selection of National University. The curriculum is described by the rules of National University. Honors and Master’s degree education are provided here with great efficiency. Both Science and Arts faculties are running classes in the campus. There is also the chance to complete those courses and BBA and MBA under the faculty.

Getting Admission: An examination, which is held around Bangladesh, will allow to get admitted to Eden Girl’s College. The admission process is very effective. Claiming a high score on that exam and choosing this college as a first choice will make a candidate to become the student. A female student who has completed higher secondary level is eligible for applying the post.

Eden Girl’s College or Eden Mahila College

Location and Description of Campus: Total area of 18 acres is included in the college. The college campus allows the students to sit and play games. As this is a female originated college, privacy will be the first priority. The walls around the campus, gives the full boundary for students. They feel safe and do things as they wish. The field is green and department buildings are located around the field.

Faculties of Eden Girl’s College: Science and Arts faculty are available in Eden Girl’s College. Those teachings are different from each other. There is no difference between the styles of teaching method. Every student gets same concentration. Teachers are much friendly and helpful here. The college premises are always full with life and energy. There are such words for the college. Sometimes people with curiosity can visit the college. A huge number of 35000 students study in this college. This is a college of female education and a standard of their prosperity.

Hostel Advantage: Students from different areas of Bangladesh get the advantage of staying here. There are 6 hostels which are well constructed and private. Students who are able to stay in those residential buildings, can get the chance to study with more effectiveness.

Teachers and Staffs: Around 240 teachers are teaching in this college. Every one of them is highly qualified. Almost 74 staffs are working currently in Eden Girl’s College.

Eden Girl’s College or Eden Mahila College

Reading the short description, about Eden Girl’s College will enrich the information in order to know about this college of Bangladesh. It is affiliated to Bangladesh National university. This college is a significant in the history of Bangladesh.

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