Dhaka University

Dhaka UniversityThe center of education in Bangladesh is Dhaka University. This university always plays the role of changing and creating a new nation. Even to this day, any intolerable incident is strictly opposed by the students of this university. The history is golden and present is more shining than ever.

Dhaka University is called “The Oxford of East”. Its honor is beyond description. Every sphere of Dhaka University is full with life, full with memory. A student of Dhaka University feels proud to be a part of the history. It not only regards the education, but extracurricular activities are also very inseparable here. The brief of Dhaka University is given here.

History: In the year 1921, Sir P.J.Hartog opened the door for students. Before this, students have to go abroad for higher education. But the new sphere of study in the country got a movement from this incident. Again, there war obstacles and difficulties, university always maintained its quality. First of all only 877 students was studying in the varsity. Time goes by and areas started to become the part of this university. Nowadays, total amount of 33112 students is studying there. The difficulties were faced by the regulatory commission. Teachers are known as the think tank of Bangladesh. In the year 1971 when liberation war was going on the whole country, students jumped into that fire. They contributed with every single drop of blood they had. Teachers were murdered when the Pakistanis couldn’t find the way to flee.

Dhaka University

Teachers-Students Center: The most popular place of Dhaka University is TSC. It is the witness of the incidents. In the afternoon the huge amount of gathering takes place in TSC. Not only running students, but also the ex-students gather there. It becomes the center of life throughout the varsity.

Departments: Almost all subjects are taught in Dhaka University. There are now 71 departments in this university with 13 faculties. New faculties and research centers are being added periodically.

Objectives of Dhaka University: The main purpose of establishing this varsity is to spread the knowledge through people of Bangladesh. Students need not to go abroad for higher studies. They can afford a world standard degree in Bangladesh.

Dhaka University

Activities: Every year’s convocation is held to honor the graduates. There are cultural communities which are the source of media in Bangladesh. Theatre and other cultural activities are strongly gets priority. Any incident in the nation, students must protest. They are the rebellion of Bangladesh. From 1952 to 1971 the journey of freedom has come through their hands. Sports, Debate, International competitions are incomplete without the participation of Dhaka University students. They not only participate in there, but also gain extra honor for the country as well as for the varsity.

Admission: There are so many courses in Dhaka University. A tough and higher number of applicants apply to get admitted in Dhaka University after HSC. With a long selection, they get a chance to study in this famous university.

Dhaka University is the temple of education in Bangladesh. Its honor and dignity is rising day by day.

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