Introduction to Dhaka University MBA Program-DU MBA

MBA which is elaborately known as Masters in Business Administration, is a significant qualification to attain by a student.There are two types of MBA program that are administrated by Dhaka University. One of them is directed by DU which is commonly known as EMBA or Evening MBA. Another MBA program that is run by IBA. It is also under Dhaka University. Process and quality of these two courses are different from each other.

For service holders, DU MBA or Dhaka university EMBA is perfect. If someone wants to complete the course as a regular student, then he must attend at MBA course under Institute of Business Administration, DU. Here introduction to DU MBA of two types are described downward.

Admission: The admission process and quality vary for two DU MBA courses. They are as follows:
  1. DU MBA ( Dhaka University EMBA): The EMBA admission test contains questions for irregular students. Studying regularly and good score in Bachelor programs help to get priority for admitting in this DU MBA course. The questions are based on General Knowledge, Mathematics, English and Basic Bengali. There is some question related to analytical situations. After getting good score in this admission, applicants have to face interview board. Then the applicant will be able to attend the course.

  2. DU MBA under IBA(IBA MBA): Preparation for this admission test is tougher than the other. The applicant must have at least 2nd class or a good CGPA in BBA program for getting into this DU MBA course. The questions are fully provided in English. A person with proper English knowledge has the chance to get in here. Mathematics, analytical problems, applied English are included in this course. In interview board, communication skill is also tested. Students of BBA program under IBA get more priority than others.

IBA Building
IBA Building

Studying Procedure: DU MBA which is commonly known as Evening MBA is basically for irregulars. So classes are held occasionally. The course duration is one year. Students get chance to admit in DU MBA thrice a year. After completing the course, a student acquires certificate by Dhaka University.

DU MBA that is directed by IBA contains some greater materials. It is also a course of one year duration. But students get chance to do internship for an organization or under a teacher. The admission is held once a year.

Development of Skills: While studying in DU MBA under EMBA or IBA, quality and excellence will be developed in a process. As the students of DU MBA (EMBA) are irregular in nature, they have to attend written exams and viva-voce. This process of examination improves the communication skill and students become confident. Again, there are some opportunities for students to attain vast knowledge from the classes which are taken by highly qualified teachers.

DU MBA under IBA creates much excellence in a student. There are chances to participate in international and national competition based on Business administration. Recently, some of the competitions have been won by students of DU MBA (IBA). As a result, these will improve the affection for study business administration.

Hope these information's will help you to get the well cherished chance into Dhaka University MBA program. Just fill the requirements and get yourself admitted.