Comilla Victoria Govt. College

Comilla Victoria Govt. College or Comilla Victoria College or Victoria College(usually called), which is a government institution is very important for the people of Comilla. This is spreading knowledge and education for a long time. The ancient owners of Comilla started the programs of this college. Students are passing every year. The campus and residential facilities have made the famous college. Again, there is some information which is contained in the statistics.

The college has a golden history. Nowadays it is running with proper diversion of positivity. Neglecting negativity and bad activity have taken the reputation of this college upward. A simple review of Victoria College, which is in Comilla has been given downward.

Foundation of Victoria College: Previously Bangladesh was dominated by landlord. One of the landlords Roy Bahadur Chandra established Victoria College on 24th September in 1899. The founder was renowned for his philanthropic doings. He tried to spread education in his district. That time Indian subcontinent was ruled by Queen Victoria. So the landlord named this college after her. She was pleased with this. Anandra Chandra was rewarded with the designation Roy Bahadur after this. The first principal who ran the college was SattendranathBoshu. He was not only the principal but also a researcher. He was awarded Rabindranath prize for his creations and works.

Description of Campus: Totally 29 acres land covers the campus. This campus is very important for the locality. Because the campus is surrounded by trees and so many plants. Flower gardens in front of departments are very charming. Sometimes people come to visit this historic college. The playground is used for district matches and local games. Teachers and students gather in there and get themselves much refreshment. Again, there are opportunity to participate in gymnasium of the college.

Comilla Victoria Govt. College

Admission: Comilla Victoria Govt. College runs programs under national university. For intermediated students only grade point becomes the contributory factor. And to get admitted in Honors, admissionis needed. An admission under National Varsity is the first criteria for getting in here. Completing the course for 4 years, a student will be graduated. Events often take place in there. The students who are selected get the chance to study by ensuring a particular number.

Academic and Administration: About 15000 students get the chance to be cared under 147 teachers. Every teacher in Victoria College, Comilla are highly qualified. They look after both intermediate and honors students. Both science and arts faculties are available in here. There are five dormitories including one for girls.

Comilla Victoria Govt. College

Legends and Achievements: The Comilla Victoria Government College stood in the first position for a long time. Even students of honors level also come with an extremely great result every year. They are not only busy in studying, but also contribute to the changing factors of a country when it is needed. In the 1971 liberation war, students of this college fought with courage. Sachin Dev Barman who was a legend of Music, is an alumni of this college. Famous TV personality Hanif Sanket is also in the list. Students of this college feel proud for being in here.

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