Chittagong University

Chittagong University is one of the most beautiful campuses of Bangladesh. The university is located in Chittagong which is the biggest seacoast of Bangladesh. The nature has given much for this district as well as Chittagong University. The departments are friendly constructed with hills and slopes. The brief information are given below as a review on Chittagong University.

History of Chittagong University: When Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan, in 1966 Chittagong University started their program in a small situation. The obstacle was to establish the varsity without causing any damage to nature.

The hills and slopes are main source of agriculture in Chittagong. Ferdous Khan who was a deputy director took step for this university. Finally in 1965, the university officially started the procedures with three staffs, a typewriter and photocopier. The annex building was situated in Nasirabad’s Housing Society. On 28 November, 1966 Chittagong University started academic programs with the participation of 200 students. Establishing the process of faculties was finished in 1992. Nowadays the university is a topmost choice for students.

Campus and Environment of Chittagong University: Chittagong University can be called as the perfect combination of nature and civilization. The architectural side of the campus is praiseworthy. Every building is on hills and on slopes. 1753.88 Acres of Hills, Planes and Lakes are included in this university.

The huge amount of spaces have made this university not only beautiful but also the source of refreshment. Every students here gets the fresh air and healthy environment. The communication process with the cities and campus is local train. The railway system in campus is very unique in Bangladesh. You can go through the any portion in train.

Admission at Chittagong University: Every year a hard competition of admission test takes place in Chittagong University. Students who qualifies, get the chance to study in here.

Activities of Students in Chittagong University: Chittagong University is the best place for students who want to develop their career with dignity and labor. Again studying in Chittagong University increases the stamina as well as the perfectionism. They participate in almost every national and international competition. Not only compete there but also win prizes and honor from opponents.

Administration of Chittagong University: The administration is well structured. There are 7 faculties which contain 39 departments. There are five research center. Affiliation for colleges is the number of 18. The degree offered in Chittagong University are honors, masters , MBBS etc. Again higher degrees are also available in here. Total number of students in Chittagong University is 22014.

Residential Advantages of Chittagong University: There are about 10 halls including a hostel in Chittagong University. A student who comes from another corner of Bangladesh can obtain a hall for himself. They can come over campus anytime from hostels. So communication process become easy for students. Female students get the highest priority of security in Chittagong University.

Movements and Legends: Dr. Jamal Ahmed who was a scientist and researcher, taught in Chittagong University. Many legendary works came out from the working of this university.

Chittagong University is spreading education and helping to the country for higher education as like as other educational institutes of Bangladesh. However, hope these information's will be helpful for any person who wants to know about Chittagong University.

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