BRAC University

BRAC University, which is a contribution of BRAC. This NGO has been working in Bangladesh for a long time. To spread education, the steps that have been taken by BRAC is praiseworthy.

BRAC University is also spreading higher education and quality knowledge among the students of Bangladesh. Its reputation is higher than the most other private universities in Bangladesh as well as in Asia. More information has been provided here as a review on BRAC University.

Establishment History of BRAC University: BRAC University was established in 2001. With a view to involving the students of Bangladesh in higher education, Sir Fazle Hossein Abed started to raise funds for this occasion. As his organization BRAC was removing the darkness of illiteracy, BRAC University opened a new door for them who want a world class degree from own country. Sir Fazle Hossein Abed is the chairperson of Board of trustee. He is contributing his lifelong achievements through this university. Quality education is the first priority for BRAC University students. Nowadays students select this as their foremost choice. Struggling for a long time, the varsity has acquired trust and love from the nation. The campus of BRAC University is situated in Mohakhali, Dhaka. Classes and administrative programs are held in this multi-storied building named “BRAC Tower”.

Administration of BRAC University: BRAC University is administrated with a proper protocol. Under the order of the Chancellor, Vice chancellor gets chance to direct the varsity. He is a person of skill and experience. Teachers and students are much free with each other. Highly educated teachers seem to be avatar of politeness. BRAC University is spreading education to 10 thousand students nowadays.

Admission and Courses of BRAC University: Undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses are available in BRAC University. Getting admission in here is not so easy like other private universities. But an admission test is held competing with students. Subject knowledge inside of a student is tested through the exam. For Postgraduate students, interview and written examinations have to be passed. Students can apply for research under a particular professor after completing their postgraduate degree.

Special Features of BRAC University: Students who can achieve an extraordinary result, gets scholarship and discount in tuition fees. Sometimes campus job is also offered for them. A student with this type of result can join in particular sectors of BRAC University. There is also a chance of getting involved in part time jobs.

BRAC University

Students in Various Fields of BRAC University: Excellent research element and training are available in BRAC University. Recently they have won in an international space competition organized by NASA. Robots of Bangladesh will be rolled over the surface of the Moon. This honor has been brought by BRAC University students. Convocation is organized every year to celebrate the joy of getting graduation degree.

Objectives of BRAC University: World class degree from Bangladesh is the first goal of BRAC University. Brilliance and intelligence have been combined by the steps that are taken by this university. Students of here, feel themselves proud.

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