5 Study Tips To Achieve Your Study Goal

As a student, A boy or girl should understand how he or she is able to capture knowledge and make attractive result on exam. We are able to get information within very short time from internet due to mass advantages of modern technology. We are able to learn many study tips by searching on Google, Bring or Yahoo etc. But the main thing lies on other concept. We need to understand and work well on a tips. Otherwise, there is no benefit by learning thousand of study tips. Am I right?

I've tried to write down 5 study tips which may help you to become a good student. My intention is helping you to become a "good student" from the word "student".

1. Let's start a simple calculation. Just think that you have a subject which needs to complete, learn or capture well. For this kind of job, You can set up your time 150-200 hours. For a particular subject, to have good captured knowledge, that time is enough! To get the real convenient from this study tips, just sit down on your chair and grab your book on the table and start to read. Write down regular study time on that topic. After 150-200 hours completion of study on that subject, you must have enough abilities on that subject.

2. Do you know we can't task properly which we don't love actually from our heart? Like other tasks, to become successful student, you need to make love to your studied subject first. Otherwise, you can't get enough passion for further reading and your exam result will be worst. To be a good student, A student must make love to his lesson first.

3. We can't live without discipline. In other word, without discipline, our life goes to hell. Life becomes unbearable. If you are a student and want to make good result on your examination, you must develop your discipline toward your study and your other essential tasks. So, develop your discipline according to your daily activities and strict to it. By following discipline, you can be a "good student" from "ordinary student".

4. Time is the most valuable thing in the world! You may earn $10000 or $20000 by month, but you never get the time what has been passed away! It is not possible at any cost. So, give priority to time first then other things. Use time properly. If you can use your time properly for your study, you don't need to know any other study tips. Because, who are able to use time exactly, they must be successful!

5. Always try to meet with good company. Who are good student, they can be your friend. And you need to bring out their good thing. On the other hand, without your class time, try to meet with your teachers. You may get additional help from that teacher for your respective subject.