Don't Spend Unscrupulously until You Build- 4 Old Sayings

When lesson comes from a life which has passed a successful period can change our attitude and works. Because, these words come from real experiences of a life. I'm always interested to hear such kind of lesson from old persons. Because, they have something worthy to lead a life.  

Some days ago, I met with my old uncle. I asked him to say about something special lesson from his life. He said many talks and I thought these words may be useful not only for me but also for them who want to change their life. Because the said words seem valuable to me and I think these 4 sentences are enough to change the attitude on how to spend wisely, how to accumulate money and achieve the goal in a life. However, as my thought, I am going to mention them in this article. I would like to mention these as points.

1. If you have $9 try to make it a $10 note and accumulate it for future usage.

-He said that to become successful in life, you must accumulate money for your future assistance. He always try to follow this phenomenon. 

2. If you have to spend money $20, try to spend $15 or less than $20. 

-As his talking and the real word experience, no one can be rich without becoming frugal. Abraham Linon also said like that( ref: You can win-Shib Khera). But the uncle does not literate and never read Abraham licon's quotes. But he learned it from his life.

3. If you want to become great in your life, you have to keep passion, anger, persisted mentality for success.

-He has gotten what he wants in his life. He was in challenge of his older brother. And, he leads the life as a challenge to beat his older brother's minuscule words for him. As a result, now his older brother needs him. It means now his older brother can't lead his life without the help of uncle. Uncle taken those words as challenge for building his life. He said that, this happens only for his passion, anger and persisted mentality for success. Because, he reserved enough confidence on himself.

4. Don't eat & spend like rich until you build.

-Uncle said, once you have built, you can spend then. But before build, you should not spend recklessly. If you spend before building, this behavior will lead you to the end. But after building, you can spend. He has learn this lesson from his father.