Creativity & Intelligence Relationship and Their Impacts to Achieve Success

Creativity & Intelligence Relationship
Intelligence and creativity both are required to walk in the path of achieving your goal and earn the success. You must have acquired them if you want to make your path favorable for you or tolerate and lead the problems and solutions. However, in this article, creativity and intelligence relationship is going to be discussed and the relation of them to earn the success has discussed also.

Intelligence is the mind's ability to successfully react to changing situations. The word 'changing' should be considered with special attention. It implies time and speed. So we can say that intelligence is a mixed measure of the speed, success rate and range of the mind's problem-solving ability.

Creativity, as opposed to intelligence, refers to the mind's ability to find new, unpredictable solutions to old problems or effective situations to completely novel problems. Up to a certain level, both intelligence and creativity may mean something very similar or the same. The definition that we have considered also corroborates this opinion- both of them center on the concepts of a problem and a solution.

Creativity & Intelligence Relationship

However, beyond a level, creativity may have nothing to do with problems and their solutions, though it may still successfully relate to them. In the general sense, creativity refers to the mind's ability to escape set patterns and thus overcome limitations. In the applied sense, it refers to the mind's ability to create new ideas.

Our success or failure is a function of our intelligence and creativity. But there seems to be a sharp dividing line between their involvement in practical life: highly creative people are often seen to be more successful than highly intelligence people, but after a longer period of hard labor and perseverance. Conversely, the more creative a person is the less successful they are in the short-term, while in the long term the reverse case is often likely to be true.

Creativity & Intelligence Relationship

Those who are more intelligent than creative tend to define success in pragmatic terms- that is, with measurable references. On the other hand, those who are more creative than intelligence are usually prone to view success in terms of the number of events, their ability can create, rather than the output of the events. Consequently, creative people may have to suffer the initial consequences of being creative- the extraordinary responsibility to sacrifice efforts and defer the rewards to a later point in time. Fortunately, those who are creative have the necessary patience and broadness of mind.

Before making or accepting a decision, justify on whether you have succeeded or failed in something, therefore, look back at yourself once again and discover whether you are more creative than intelligent. Success in not any end-product, so you should never measure it too hastily.