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What is Creativity- Creativity in Life & Work

Having passion and commitment to perform new and imaginative ideas into reality can be called as creativity. Actually, it is hard to define creativity by one definition. The role of creativity in life is so important as like as the role of knowledge and intelligence. Because, knowledge shows the tools to become wised and ingenious. On the other hand, creativity shows the path to perform the task in different way but with the following most realistic way.

To live properly and attain success, a person should acquire creativity. The more creativity a person has, the more chances to become successful. Because, it shows the path. And for this reason, now-a-days, the educational systems are trying to develop students creativity by providing creative questions in their lessons.


There is also different existed between the creativity and innovation. Both can be mixed idea. But if you look into carefully, you will find out the difference. Innovation is the process of generating new ideas or creative ideas where creativity is the process of making the innovation attractive and acceptable.

Thereby, if a person want to be successful and attain his goal in his life, He must try to develop the creativity inner himself. Such creativity will help him to know the life in logical and smooth way than his as usual regular life activities. On the other hand, if a person can apply creativity in his work or every concern, He will find out the way which is the most optimum.


However, several studies have proved that people are naturally creative and creativity can be developed gradually by arranging necessary steps. Creativity can be developed by acquiring vast knowledge, maintaining discipline properly and having the quality to think well.