How to Write a Killer Article within a Short Time

You will be able to write a killer article within a short time, if you have killer techniques reserved in your mind at previous time. Otherwise it is not possible to make an awesome article. You must know a pattern which will do for you and you just put necessary and perfect sentences on that pattern. By this process, task becomes easy and significant.

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Every expert article writer has own article writing pattern by following which that expert write famous articles. They have their own patterns which may have in their mind or written or drawn. Like that you should have several article construction patterns. Below I am going to mention a simple pattern by following which you may get an idea about an article writing pattern.

In the following article writing pattern, we will write an article following only four steps. In other word, We will put our words in four steps of this article writing pattern. How is that ? Let check out…

Ideas Generator: Ideas Generators takes place in the first paragraph of an article which is very often called as introductory paragraph. The name ‘Introductory Para” says enough about itself! By following this pattern, you should put your introductory words in this paragraph. On the other side, you can put also necessary ideas of your article what may come later. This part helps your reader to guess what are coming next or what are going to be discussed in the body part. Suppose, you are going to write an article about ‘Microsoft Word’. You can put an introduction in this ideas generator about Microsoft Word and other idea generator sentences to guess your whole article. Notice, You should not put the discussion here. You will only put what are coming next. It will work as generating ‘HINT’ and interest to read the whole article among your article readers.

Topic Sentence: Topic sentence is such a sentence which contains the whole idea of your article. It is usually tough to maintain such a sentence. But after practice enough, you can find out eligible yourself to write this. This represents the ability of an article writer. Topic sentence is also called as thesis sentence. It usually comes after the ideas generator. You may put it in the introductory paragraph or later. But it is ideal to put it in the introductory para. However, Thesis sentence may represent the objective of an article or a short description of the objective of an article or a short description of an article.

Body: Body part is the most important part of writing an article. Because, It presents the whole scenario. To narrate well of your topic, you must think well about this part and you may need to make research enough. You can draft ‘points list’ which help you to write article with more efficiency and short time. It is like ‘sharp your axe before cutting down a tree’. When you have necessary points of a topic, make proper discussion of your points and decorate according to considering essential factors.

Conclusion: Introductory paragraph should be meaningful and courageous which inspire to read the whole article. And the body part should be interesting and enough elaborate which provide necessary information to a reader. And the conclusion part is such a part of an article which represent the whole article once again and make readers satisfied. This part is also important to create curiosity among your readers. In other word, It can be concluded with creating a curiosity among your readers.

Writing an article is easy if you have enough knowledge on following topic and a article writing pattern along with grammatical efficiency on the language of your presented article. When you have knowledge, you just need to put those in that pattern. A new article writer needs to make enough practice to write an awesome article. After spending a smart time, A new article writer can write killer article, just need to have enough knowledge on article writing. Because, It is also a technique to present information attractively in front of readers.