How to Be a Good Student & How to Study Much-Part2 -Study Tips

Well, This is a follow up article of How to Be a Good Student & How to Study Much. Before reading this article, You should read that first. That process may clear this in a broad sense. In this article,We'll focus on some topics of study such as: Starting Learning, Lecture and Note, Understanding Meaning rather than memorizing etc. Some other factors of study may come at part three of this series. However, Can we move to deeper ?

1. Starting Learning
For healthy study, You should apply right it now. Open your book and find out your expected page from where you want to learn something. What is the size of that thing ? How many points have on that ? Do you really want to learn it ? check a eye-view only at the whole lesson.

2.  Understanding Meaning rather than Memorizing
Do You want to memorize or understand ? Or, Do you want to apply both ? If you understand clearly, you can be able to memorize rapidly. No matter, if you can't illustrate thing exactly what is written on that book! Because, examinations are taken to test how much you have learned, Not to test how much same to same you have memorized from a book!

3. Lecture and Note
Once my aunt asked to my father how she can grow up her children in the field of education with efficiency and politely. My father's answer was "send them to school regularly and be sure they are attentive to their class". Well I hope you are attentive to your class. The class is not only related to your study but also it gives you how to be socialized and how to build strongly your manner. Teachers make lectures depending on a topic. You should written down that lectures. When you come to your home, Review what you have hear and what you have written. Take the book on that topic and read that part from that book. If you can take more book on that topic and read. Make your own judgement and written down note. After completion the note, Check it out by the related teacher. If he or she is satisfied, you are on the right way. If He or she is not, Try to improve. Tell him or her what you have mistaken. Find out your errors and mistakes. By this process you will be fully prepare for your examination.

Above We've seen three simple techniques by following  which We can expect better result of our study. We hope these study tips may help you from the bottom and bring away to the top. There is nothing better than trying. Once again, There is nothing better to be practical. What does it mean ? It means Now you have the theoretical knowledge. This is the high time to apply these on your real student life.