How to Build Self-Confidence-3 Simple Steps

Self-confidence is mandatory to struggle in life whereas it is a very competitive arena of building life and career as a student. A student who is at the class of ending graduation often feel disappointed thinking what should do next. In this stage of life, Someone may get misleading and destroy his life. Or, Someone may feel obstacle and tension thinking about the next life. But beginning of this article, I have two sentences to say. One is there is no benefit for tension without loss and another is having self-confidence is necessary in this stage to go forward.

This article is not only for those who are at this stage but also for those who are feeling less confidence. Because, confidence can effect and make better result of our performance. So, If you want to increase your confidence level, This article is for you!

Step-1: Increase Self-awareness: Have we heard what is going on our mind secretly ? There are some phase what are going on our mind to our related task that "I can't", "You can't do this", " This is too much risky" "You have not enough capabilities to do that". Often we don't hear these types of words from our mind. But  These types of words such bad words which are on going in our mind and make our mind slowly to be depressive. And finally we are confined to these phases. But why ? Because We have not remove them at the early stage when we are starting our goal. "How to remove them from your mind?" Such a question may grow in your mind now. Is it? Before remove these sentences, You should hear well what are going on your mind deeply regarding your new challenge.  Analyzing well your mind and make it to your task can give you extra ability and dimension to build into you self-confidence gradually.

Step-2: Your likes about Yourself: When you have completed first stem, now the part of second step. Take a paper and pen. Just written down what you like about yourself. I strongly believe that every human being has something qualification and virtue and  which is better. Write down these. Ask your mind why you like yourself. Bring out the answer from your deep mind. When you have answer just write down quickly to that paper. Thus your actual ability and qualification will be come out.

Step-3: Your Dislikes about yourself: Now, This is the high time to find out why you don't like yourself. What are those reasons for why you always blame yourself. What should have in you but not present. Like step-2, In step-2 you have to do same task. Find out the reasons of disliking yourself and write down those in a paper.


Now, Notice, You have increase your self-awareness, You have find out why you like you most and finally why you don't like yourself. Take care of those. Repair your mistakes and bad habits. Bad habits can turns into good habits if you give enough time to make those. When you will do this, It is clear like the light of sun that your confidence level will be higher than ever. Entrepreneurs have are fulfilled by confidence and for this confidence they achieved their expected result. In Bangla Entrepreneurship  book, I have noticed how many person has changed their life only for their strong confidence.

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All of steps which have been discussed above, you must apply it practically to achieve and get best result from these. If you do not apply these in your practical life, You have just wasted your time by reading this article. This article has not produced from my own mind. It has come after researching various articles reading and judgement of those.