How to be a Good Student and How to study much-Study Tips

A student studies regularly. He studies day and night. Without study He does not spend time much on other activities. As a student, He is good. But his result is not coming as much as he is studying  hard. The student does not fail in the exam and again does not become first. He gives enough time for study, But capturing study is less than time spending.

Another student, Who does not study much. He remains busy all time with others work. When exam comes, only then He opens his books and starts studying. His brain works first.This student can complete his study rapidly. But He does not gives time enough for this task. He nor fails or become first in the exam, stay in the average.

Now, We are talking about another student who study regularly. This student knows the rules and regulation of study. He knows How to study well. To maximize his study capacity, This student resorts all the things what should He need to resort. He becomes first or second in the examination.

We've talked about three students. We can say it that We have talked about three types of students. For first student, He gives enough time for making his lesson. But capturing progress is less than the time spending. But why ? Because, For study there are some rules. He does not apply or know about that. If He would apply, That student may get more outcome as the time and labor is being used. For second student, He also does not know how to study. But He has some rules and system to make lesson fast. He is applying his own rules. As a result He can capturing rapidly. If He would give time more, He may get a good output. For third student, He knows the rules about study and applies. On the other hand, He has competition. He all time seeks How he can complete his study rapidly and capture more.

We have talked three types of students. Basically There are these types of student in our educational institutes. For first and second types of student, There are some tips and tricks resorting what they can improve. After all, By reading this article, It may help all of them.

1. Want to learn
Do you have passion to learn ? I am not kidding! I am asking you seriously! Have you searched the answer of this question in your mind before ? Have you got answer positively ?

Someone learned a thing but after some moments He can't remember the thing what He learned before! What does this happen for ? One of the most common reasons is NOT WANTING TO LEARN!

If you have this problem, find out the exact reasons. There are some common reasons for which this may occur-
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Having no rules about study
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of self-confident. 

2. Fixing Target

Without aim, A man can't live. We go to work to get money. Money will be spend to fulfill our demands. Fulfilling demands will gives us pleasure. That's it. As a student, You must have well-defined and well-planned goal for what you will go forward. Do you have any goal ?

After completion of study, what do you want to be ? For what do you work ? How to be that what you want to be ? What should you do exactly and properly to meet to your goal ?

3. Environment 
A comfortable educational environment may help you to increase your study capturing level. On the other hand, If you love that,  You may feel passion to stay on that environment. All means, You like it.

You can check out this article named: Why should you take care of your study environment.

At the concluding point, Use your power properly. If you do not know how to use it, Try to know. But don't give time and labor like a fool ass. Be strategic! Best of Luck!