Study Tips: Increase Your Study Abilities

Are You an attentive student ? Or, Do you want to increase your abilities to capture your lesson more creatively or deeply ? Another question....Don't be bored! Try to find out if you really have...Really need to know.

There are some ways to increase abilities to make mind fresh to prepare it for maximum abilities to study. Because when your mind will be fresh, it can take more pressure, you know that.

Simple but special tips that really work!

Actually, when we try to study to capture something, it is basically a capturing process of our mind which tries to capture that specific lesson.

Some simple tips are narrated below:

1. If it is possible, take a shower. If it is not possible, wash well your mouth and hand. If it is hot day, try to drink little cold water. This process will give you a fresh feeling.

2. Now, sit down at your char and draw your draft page. It is time to set up your mind. Let's play! Try to do this very attentively which is below. Be careful about every line. One line can't touch another. Okay ?

3. Now, take your book and force your attentiveness at that. Read your lesson with little sound. That sound should reach to your ear. You will read by your mouth and your ear will hear carefully. On the other hand, Your mind will take this attentively. This  is the picture. Now, work that  way.

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Remember one thing forever,
Knowledge is one and only asset of one, which never be divided with someone.